Alda-tabs: Domain Specific Language for Guitar Players in the Java Virtual Machine

ongoing project

What is alda-tabs?

  • It is a Domain Specific Language for guitar players.
  • It is a piece of software to help guitar players to “execute” their music notes in the JVM, compose songs and get audio feedback.
  • It is an extensible tool for music programming mainly oriented to guitar players.
  • It is built on the top of Alda, a DSL for music composition in the JVM, so it is compatible with both Alda and Clojure.

Why is so easy to code guitar songs with alda-tabs?

  • It does not require programming skills.
  • It does not require traditional music notation.
  • It is as straightforward as writing simple guitar sketches in a notebook.
  • You only have to copy your tabs from the paper to a text editor and execute alda-tabs.

alda tabs

How can I create complex digital music with alda-tabs?

  • With alda-tabs you can execute any .alda file, so you can write your songs/programs in both Clojure, Alda and alda-tabs in the same block of text.
  • It talks to the JVM, so any experimented programmer can do impossible things :-)
  • It is just a layer on the top of Alda, so if you know music theory, then you can write complex songs using music notation.

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