xmunch atomspace

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  • XA allows the dynamic construction of neural and semantic networks for knowledge representation, reasoning and learning in an abstract space of atoms (vertices and edges). It intends to be a tool for helping in narrow AI, but also to be used in the implementation of cognitive architectures for the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) community. Even though it is inspired by the OpenCog AtomSpace it is a different project with different goals and a completely independent architecture. XA implements an interface to communicate in real time with an Ubigraph server.This feature allows AI researchers and developers to visualize both declarative and procedural knowledge. With XA it is very easy to visualize both sub-symbolic representations or symbolic/semantic relations in real time, but also learning algorithms, atom-based state-machines and spreading activation.
    The persistence standard in the xmunch-atomspace (XA) is the xa-language, an interoperable human and machine understandable language. The file persistence.xa keeps a copy of the atomspace in this language. It is a simple language with a small set of rules which can be used to create new atoms in any running instance of XA by using the AtomSpace REST Parser or similar tools.


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