Data Visualization, Digital Art and Visual Explorations

Some of our projects are focused in the development of data visualization tools. Others explore new ways of expression, visual ethnography and photographic/film representation through the use of physical methods, lighting and digital processing. Others are oriented to computer graphics, artificial systems simulation, educational games and generative art.

Sound Synthesis and Emergent Languages

Exploring the intersection of artificial agent-based models with constructed languages and discovering news ways for knowledge representation, conscript development and visual languages design. Playing with sound synthesis for voice and music generation, combining experimental music with new technologies.

Complex Systems

Studying the emergence of complex behavior in self-organizing systems, such as artificial life simulations, biochemical experiments o social organisms.


  • SciArt 2D Simulator: 2D Graphics Engine for agent-based modeling, artificial life and educational games.
  • Rhizome Ethnographies: Visual ethnography and multidisciplinary research oriented to the study of social agents and multiculturalism.
  • Soundbox: Experimental digital environment for music creation Transform your voice or your instrument in a MIDI interface.


  • Bitmind: Decentralized entrepreneurial initiative for the exploration of Open Value Networks (OVN/DAOs) by using blockchain-based technologies.


  • xmunch atomspace: Visual tool for the dynamic construction of neural and semantic networks for knowledge representation, reasoning and learning in an abstract space of atoms.